Accounting Construction Careers

Accounting is a difficult but lucrative career path to take. You have to be great with numbers, have an understanding of the way that construction firms work, and able to work under pressure. The hardest part of this career is to keep track of where the money is being spent. A construction accountant can have various positions within the company.

Project Accountant

A project accountant requires an accounting degree and can make as much as $80,000 a year. Their biggest responsibility is to work alongside the project manager and to put together a budget for each project. They must also maintain the ledger, approve contractor and vendor insurance certificates, and put together applications for payments.


The controller will monitor the payroll, everyday bills, and the cost of the jobs being done. They must also put together the financial statements and analyze the accounts and budget for the yearly audits. To get this job you must have a bachelor’s degree in accounting and you must familiarize yourself with accounting software. Controllers can make as much as $80,000 a year.

Accounting Specialist

The accounting specialist will put together bills, invoices, and codes journal entries. They will help with the end of the month financial assessments, speak with the vendors and contractors, and work with the controller and other people on the accounting team. You must familiarize yourself with accounting software.

Chief Financial Officer

The chief financial officer is the highest position in the finance department. This job will require you to supervise financial and accounting actions. They will oversee the financial reports, budget preparations, tax and audit tasks, and monitor investments. To do this job you must be have your masters degree in accounting. You can make as much as $100,000 a year.