CI-Soft Accounting Software

The Constructive Insight Software is fully integrated and completely web based. This was designed as a way to cut down the price of construction jobs by removing the need of costly equipment, training, and staffing someone for the job. With this program contractors and subcontractors all across the United States have access to the exact same financial and project management systems that is usually only given to the large corporations.

In order to complete a project on time and without any snags we have to have all of our ducks in a row. This includes keeping track of the vendors that we have to pay and the supplies that are coming in. With CI-Soft this can be made easier. With this program you can access outsourced personnel that can perform everyday tasks for you.

This software was built on the CMiC platform and provides financial control of projects through the use of opportunity management, e-time, collaboration tools, document management, and will provide stakeholders with necessary information. Save money with this 24/7 program that can be accessed from any computer and finish your project on time!

Many of us can be limited by the accounting software that we use. This program helps to open up new doors and create a way for people to connect and learn from each other. You will have the ability to work on projects with other members if you would like and to learn from each others strengths and weaknesses. This makes the trial and error process non-existent and helps us to avoid future problems in our project.